xiii is a very old god, who at present cannot remember the first name Ey ever bore. One of Eir names is Aelphaba, and another is Terres. xiii represents one of Eir prominent roles in the Cycle, the thirteenth card of the Major Arcana, Death. Ey is a reincarnating god, taking different roles and different forms in each life, retaining the same divine soul. [Notes 1]

Appearance Edit

xiii has many forms. In most, Ey bears horns, either cervine or bovine. Ey is often holding a staff. Eir skin, while in humanoid forms, is usually green. When not in humanoid form, Ey is likely in otter, bull, corvid or panther form, all of which also bear horns.

Archetypes Edit

The Crone Edit

Death Edit

The Witch Edit

The Eldest

Associations Edit

Animals Edit

all non-human fauna, especially associated with otters, bulls, ravens, panthers, and owls

Plants Edit

all plants, especially trees (willows most of all) and carnivorous plants

Places Edit

forests, caverns beneath the earth

Other associations Edit

blood, soil, amber, things within the earth (gems, ore), the time before the beginning

Pantheons Edit

The Three Siblings Edit

xiii is one of three sister beings, representing the maiden, the mother, and the crone, and all similar trio archetypes. In this pantheon, it is likely Ey is known as Terres. One of the planets, as given from the only name of the Youngest that is remembered, is Thra.

Terres Edit

The eldest, the creator of the planets Terra embodies. The Crone, goddess of beginnings and endings. Ey creates and destroys the planets when it was time.

Terra Edit

The middle sibling, the embodiment of the planets Terres creates. She falls into the role of the Mother.

Aughra (pantheon-specific name unknown) Edit

The youngest, Firstborn of the planets, guardian of all their life. Teacher and protector of the beings of the land. The Maiden.

Ozian Pantheon Edit

Not much is remembered of this pantheon, only xiii's role within it.

St. Aelphaba Edit

xiii is St. Aelphaba of the waterfall.

Tarot Pantheon Edit

A recently (partly) remembered pantheon. Eir role in this pantheon is as xiii, Death. The other Siblings may have also been part of this pantheon.

Offerings/Worship Edit

xiii has no desire to be worshipped.

Ey has a shrine, here. Ey's current form has little godly power in this physical universe, but Ey may put out energy into the Universe on ones behalf if they request. Favored offerings include

  • quotations, words, poems, excerpts that remind one of Em
  • pictures of plants, animals, blood, bones, soil, things Ey is associated with

Contact Edit

Should one remember xiii or Eir siblings, or simply wish to talk, one may contact Em on Eir blog.


  1. Present tense is used throughout this article, as xiii is always in all forms due to the nature of time.