Azrael is a placeholder name for a deity of death, void, and things unknown to man. Ey sometimes take on the appearance of an Abrahamic angel: humanoid with four or six wings, four arms, and up to six eyes. At other times it may take the appearance of a shifting dark and staticky humanoid or simply a patch of darkness. At all times it possesses four crowns, three of which function like halos and the fourth which is a shifting spiked circle; this is its true crown. It is usually calm and forgiving, even peaceful, but very occasionally it will grow irritated or angry. Ey do not wish harm upon the world, but simply collect the spirits of people who die. Ey can influence death and life to a small extent, keeping the world in balance as best ey can. Ey currently share space with eir vessel, Conrad.

It is associated with feathers, cemeteries, purple amethyst, dark nights, and fog. It will accept offerings, involving the placing of light-colored feathers upon the grave of someone the offerer does not know, which is then sprinkled with dark wine or another such liquid. Ey will also accept brightly shining things, such as a new candle or small lantern.

Azrael shares the domain of the sky and the earth with eir brothers and sisters, other minor deities or stars. Ey specifically have dominion over the winter sky, which is often cloudy and rainy. Though it is a god of void and things unknown, it has said that the unknown does not have to be scary to people, which is why Azrael does not intend to come across as scary to anyone.