Cadimus is a Creeco-Roman winged Faun god of compulsion, addiction and testing fate. He is the grandson of Ananke and was granted a place on Olympus after getting retribution for his own curse.

Associations and domains Edit

Cdimus is a patron and guide of all those who are struck with mental illness and addiction. Associations include:

  • Uncommon/Rare star constellations
  • Wine/alcohol addiction
  • Curses/The cursed
  • Mentally wounded Warriors
  • Rehabilitation
  • Self harm
  • The colour Teal/Green-blue

Animals Edit

  • Mountain goat
  • White canines
  • Hoofed sea serpent

Objects Edit

  • Broken gold items
  • Spears
  • Serpent scales

Locations Edit

  • Forrests beside beaches
  • Deep/cold sea
  • The houses of his followers

Sacrifices/Offerings Edit

  • N/A

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