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Simply can be referred to as Cael

Caelestia Lepus is a God of nature, a minor god, but one with fine power. Their purpose is simply to protect, and they take the form of a Rabbit, or simply a feminine God with the head of a rabbit.

Currently, they inhabit a human being.

History Edit

Not much is known about Cael and how They came to be, it is simply known that they are divine and a protector.

Memories state that Cael is the God of nature(or one, perhaps) and constantly comes down to earth to visit it's children and to protect them. They sometimes take the form of a simple rabbit, just to watch over their children and to make sure they are okay.

Appearance Edit

They are a genderless being, sometimes seen as humanoid with a rabbit's head, or sometimes as a white rabbit.

Associated Items Edit

Amethysts, Lavender, rosemary.