Caligo is a wrathful god of nature and a guardian deity of all non-human animals. It represents the wilderness and despises humans.

Associations and domains Edit

Caligo is mainly a guardian deity of all non-human animals and nature. Other associations include:

  • Wrath
  • Mercilessness
  • Rain
  • Fog/Mist
  • Forests

Animals Edit

  • Stags
  • Wolves
  • Crows

Objects Edit

  • Animal bones, feathers, horns, etc
  • Purple and blue flowers
  • Clear water

Locations Edit

  • Large, natural forests
  • Foggy/misty areas
  • Swamp areas

Sacrifices/Offerings Edit

  • Candles (Preferably green, purple, blue or black)
  • Blood (Must be your own)
  • Clear spring or rain water
  • Bones, feathers, pelts, etc. (Important: Must not killed by human hands)
  • Sugar
  • Blue or purple flowers. Lavender is a favorite.

The altar should be simple and natural. Offerings should be laid on a black cloth or on moss.

If you feel like you've done harm to nature or an animal, you can offer blood, sugar or lavender infront of a burning candle to Caligo and ask for forgiveness/punishment.

To contact Caligo and for more information, refer to its blog.

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