Charlie is a human with developing prophen abilities. He is a vessel for Arielle, a ghost/spirit. They have been together in one vessel since Charlie was nine years old. 


Charlie, the vessel, is currently sixteen years old. He is a demiboy, and is very mentally ill. This is due in part to having shared a vessel with a ghost for so long, and the ghost having so many mixed feelings about being in a human vessel. Charlie is a prophen, and can talk to many gods as well as to spirits. He has a myriad of abilities that are yet to be tamed. Most of his power comes through his relationship with Arielle, though he has been a prophen for longer than that. 

Arielle Edit

Arielle, the ghost, does not know their age. They would like to emphasize that their name is pronouns Arr-Ee-Ell, not Air-Ee- Ell. They do not have a gender and therefore prefer to be referred to with they/them pronouns. Arielle knows little about themself, other than the fact that they have been existing with Charlie since Charlie was young. Arielle identifies with many appearances, but believes that they were once femme presenting. Arielle loves everything about the forests, the night, space, large animals, and the dark. 


Arielle and Charlie merged for unknown reasons when Charlie was nine years old. Arielle suspects it may have been in preparation for abuse later suffered by Charlie. Shortly after the merge, Charlie started exhibiting symptoms of mental illness, and has not shaken them since. However, Arielle does their best to comfort and protect Charlie, even when Arielle is also feeling down. Arielle and Charlie share much of the same features, the biggest difference being that Charlie is shy and introverted while Arielle is not.