Cro is a deity which presides over and blesses those that would defy their fate and their superiors. It is a shapeshifter, most commonly altering between the forms of a nebula dragon, utter void, and a creeping mass of shadow. Though it may seem like a malevolent deity due to these forms, it is, in actuality, utterly emotionally detached, viewing the lives of mortals and other happenings in the universe as if it were a spectator sport.

Items commonly associated with this deity include black feathers, silver jewelry, sapphires, and onyx, which should be worn to show an affiliation with this deity. Black thorns are also applicable if one is suffering hardships. It does not accept worship, even altars, as that goes against its ideals of every being following its own path without allowing others to sway it.

Though its domain is firmly those who would defy their fate, it also has a hold in space, the night, and the depths of the oceans - all associated with darkness.