Finnur is a god from the Norse pantheon. He is a god of violent death, though he has no hall of his own for his dead to gather in. His name literally means "wanderer." Loki is his father and he was raised in the Iron Wood by Angrbotha. He is not one of the Aesir or Vanir; rather, he is a Jotunn, and is proud of his heritage as such.

At the time of Baldr's death, Finnur escorted him to Helheim. Baldr and Finnur had a child named Sigurd who was bound to Helheim and remained there with his father Baldr and his aunt Hel.

Finnur represents solace for those who have suffered and pain for those who deserve to suffer. An altar dedicated to him often includes a dagger or some other weapon (usually one with a sharp blade). Ravens, crows, wolves, and cats are associated with him. His mission in Midgard is to protect the children. Anyone who harms children or animals will have to face this god's wrath.

In his humanoid form, Finnur is said to have long red hair and sharp blue eyes. He is a shapeshifter like his father and often takes the form of a black, eight-legged unicorn.