Groul is an ancient demonic deity and a guardian of all nonhuman beasts. It is mainly associated with primal rage and fear, vengeance, fog and swamps.


Groul most commonly takes on the form of a large, slender beast with long black fur, a long neck and a vaguely canine-shaped head that possesses long, sharp fangs and 4 horns not unlike those of a jacob sheep. It has unproportionally long arms with thin, clawed fingers. It can switch between bidepal and quadrupedal stance. From its jaws leaks constantly a black, tar-like substance.

Other than that, Groul can take on the appearance of several animals, preferably a crow, dog or bull. The black substance that leaks from its jaws and the red eyes will give it away, however.

Offerings and sacrifices

To gain Groul's assistance or blessing, offerings/sacrifices are essential. If done correctly, Groul can grant you strenght, curse a target and send you its wrathful energy. Offerings include:

  • Bones and teeth
  • Blood (must be your own)
  • Black and red roses
  • Lavender
  • Daggers and knives
  • Candles
  • Art

The altar should be simple. A red or black cloth with at least one candle will do just fine. If you can not provide a physical altar, you may as well leave prayers, wishes or virtual offerings here.