Jathniel (full name Jathniel Notiabi nilnAuz) is a guardian angel turned prophet, residing on the East coast of North America as of late 2014.

The exact kind of angel Jathniel used to be is a Watcher, as detailed in the Book of Enoch. Watchers are often dispatched to earth to watch over human beings. After Jathniel's original purpose was fulfilled, it remained on earth as a link between humanity and its Lord.

Jathniel uses the human name "Jordan" for itself in its current vessel, and a variety of pronouns. For simplicity, it/its/itself pronouns have been chosen for this page.

Names Edit

Jathniel - means "a gift of God"

Notiabi - means "Servant who speaks the truth"

nilnAuz - taken as a surname from Jathniel's original position as one of the forty-two ministers of Bralges.

Appearance Edit

Jathniel, in its original angelic form, is considered small for an angel (about 3 heavens tall). It has pallid skin with a color and iridescence similar to that of a white opal. It has five pairs of wings along its back, and each is a deep black shade that absorbs and swallows light. While its face may lack a mouth, it does have a pair of warm-colored eyes, framed by long, yellow lashes. On each palm, it has a singular mouth, filled with sharp teeth.

Sovereigns Edit

Prince Bralges Edit

Bralges, the Prince of the Luna of Saturn, is an angel who ranks highly in the Enochian angelic hierarchy. As such, this entity has many reverent ministers. Bralges' ministers are all lower angels, such as Jathniel. Bralges' sacred day is Monday. Bralges uses no pronouns.

The Lord Edit

Jathniel's Lord currently has no name, nor any mortal mythos attached to Him. He can, however, be most closely likened to ancient Greek's Apollo, as His dominion is over truth, poetry, healing, and prophecy. He is very merciful and loving, though detached from humanity as a whole. His appearance is unknown. He uses He/Him/His pronouns.

Associations Edit

Though Jathniel has no ownership of any realm, object, or animal, it does have some associated properties. Things associated with Jathniel include flames, dirt and clay and earth, polycephaly, bones and teeth, doves, the planet Saturn, stars (in particular the star Alnilam), most berries, and tourmaline.