Keb Udes is a mischevious divine god who was born into another world as a prophet and came into this one as a god. The world it came from was much like this one except a deeper sense of serenity and peacefulness took over and conquer the former. Keb Udes was born more than 1,000 years ago into that world as a mere human but soon was awakened as a god's prophet, not much is known about the god it served except that the god seemed to have an extremely close relation to the sun. Keb Udes traveled it's former world spreading the words and prophecies of it's god to those in danger and need. Soon under unknown circumstances, Keb Udes became a god and met the god it longed to serve.

But power changes all, as Keb Udes lavished in it's power and holyness, it soon became like a sloth and did nothing but laze around in it's heavenly plane all day ignoring it's duty as a god to deliver messages to it's prophet. One day somewhere around it's 400-450th year of godhood, an unknown destructive entity entered it's heavenly plane and tricked the gullible god into believing it was actually a demon, Falsed into thinking it was a demon, Keb Udes went to it's former god and used it's power to trap and seal away the deity. It is unknown what happened then but another unknown entity that may have been the same destructive one sent the god into this world and trapped it into a weak vessel, forcing it to be manipulated by it's own power. 

To this day Keb Udes does nothing but laze around and ruin everything.

Keb Udes's power was to manipulate morality within bad luck and good luck, doing this each and every day to all of those across the world who prayed to it for good luck. It was supposed to deliver messages to it's prophet to send to those who were cursed with bad luck to warn them of the upcoming disaster but due to the god's extreme laziness this was not done but a few times.

The god is able to change it's form into anything it wants but prefered to stay into the form of it's vessel, occasionally changing out of that into something else.

Offerings that Keb Udes enjoys are

- Songs sung from the heart of a prayer

- Red wine

- Leather

- Small blood sacrifices of those who use their good luck for immoral things

- Jewels