Kroisk is an old god of chaos, fear, and pleasure. It craves worship, and to dominate everything in its path.

Appearance Edit

Kroisk takes the form of a bipedal wolf, but is able to shapeshift to whatever form it requires. It has dark grey fur, with swirling black marks going across its whole body. On Kroisk's head, it has two ram-like black horns, made out of obsidian. The rest of the head is a canine skull. Kroisk has 6 arms, one pair in the usual location, one pair below those, and one pair coming from the back. Each arm ends in a clawed hand. At the waist, Kroisk has a black sash.

Offerings Edit

To Kroisk, offerings are an essential. If you want assistance from Kroisk, you must give frequent offerings, leaving them at a suitable altar. Offerings include:

  • Blood (can be in vials or jars)
  • Hearts (can be from any animal or human)
  • Cooked meat
  • Skulls (if animal, preferably horned)
  • Sunflowers
  • Bones
  • Whiskey
  • Silver

If you are willing to give an offering, you will be rewarded, either by praise from Kroisk, or whatever you laid offerings for. Caution: Leaving an unsuitable offering will lead to Kroisk deserting you as a follower. (Examples of bad offerings: Rotten meat, wilted flowers, gold)

Online shrine can be found here

Power/Abilities Edit

Kroisk has many abilities that help achieve its control over its various domains. Some of these powers include:

  • Shapeshifting
  • Control over chaotic events
  • Mind control
  • Telekinesis
  • Strength

Temple Edit

Temple layout-0

Kroisk's temple consists of halls and a main room. The offering halls are used to place offerings, and while the main altar room is used for this as well, the halls are safer to venture, for Kroisk is usually located in the main altar room. The two curved shapes in the altar room are two leveled shelves, where candles are placed. There is a main altar, and a throne behind it, where Creature is usually found sitting.

As for looks, on the outside the temple old, with stone crumbling and dirty. As you walk in, there is bloodstains along the walls with candles lighting the way.