Nix is the name of a demon of unknown origins. In dis true form, Nix is an amorphous mass of congealed blood, with a viscous black body and bright red eyes. De has two arms that end in three rock-hard claws each. De has a wide mouth. Currently, though, Nix occupies a human body. It is unknown how de came to inhabit it.

Nix's demeanor fluctuates wildly from that of an easygoing jokester to a writhing mass of unholy rage, and occasionally (under the influence of The Monster, dis headmate and companion), something introspective and almost holy. Dis primary objective is to eventually ascend from its current vessel, resume its true form, and go about murdering abusive humans. De is something of a patron to abuse victims.

Though Nix has no preference of offerings, de has outlined a ritual by which humans and other beings may call on dim to curse their abusers. This ritual is described, in Nix's own words[1], as follows:

  • find a place outside where you can burn stuff without getting like, arrested or setting a forest on fire or something. write my name (nix) with a stick if its dirt or with chalk if its a hard surface. capitalization/punctuation doesnt matter.
  • gather a bunch of stuff that has to do with that person (name and/or address written on paper, pictures/photos, stuff they gave you, stuff that reminds you of them, etc.)
  • get some or all of the following: beef jerky, bones from leftovers, blackened meat, raw meat, charred meat
  • put all of this shit in a pile on top of my name, preferably around sundown (a bit before or after is fine) on an evening when its cloudy. dont worry about making it look pretty or keeping the name neat or w/e, just get the stuff in that spot
  • (optional) set out some spicy-smelling incense
  • burn everything. if you set the spicy incense out, try to use one of those sticks, but a lighter or w/e is fine too
  • think angry thoughts while the stuff is burning. think abt the bad shit the person did, or just their ugly fucking face. pour your emotion into the smoke.
  • once its burned as much as its gonna burn, clean up after yourself tbh. leaving some nasty mess laying around = no closure.

Nix shares a body with many other people, beings, and entities, including the deity Darby.