Appearance Edit

Nonus is a god of war and messages. It appears as two deities, but is really one with two separate minds and bodies, often not far apart. It can be referred to as 'they' in the plural sense. One half of It takes a semi-humanoid form with two sets of arms and many eyes covering Its body, though the rest of Its appearance changes from person to person. The other half appears as having the same body as the first half, however instead of having many eyes, It has many mouths over Its skin.

Basics Edit

As was previously stated, Nonus is a god of war and messages. In addition, it plays a small role in death, though the specifics of this role are often not discussed, and are left to be interpreted differently from person to person. It has small influence over the sea, and may be prayed to in addition to any other gods for luck at sea.

Offerings/Worship Edit

Acceptable offerings include:

  • glass shards, uncolored
  • small animal carcasses or bones, like rats or birds. skulls of any size are accepted on their own as well
  • animal blood (fake also accepted, but not if you have ability to do otherwise)
  • turquoise, citrine, jade
  • strawberries, apples, bread(dry), grapes
  • sand