odell and arden are just two of my core beings, they exist within me, they are a simplyfied me.

they are no gods but they are divine.


odell is a part of a core, together with arden.

odell is a small and frail ghost // spirit being. they are always tired and sleep alot. they mostly eat fresh fruits or bread. odell is very quiet but when they speak, their voice echo's or has a soft electric tremble. odell is colorless // translucent, much like smoke or fog. they dream alot and master lucid dreaming perfectly, dreams are important to them. they are also constantly feeling guilty, and beg for forgiveness.

doesn't fear death because they don't feel alive,,


odell does not wish to be worshipped, they are the one that are supposed to worship

>>>odell is always open for deities // gods // creatures // prophets // ,,, who are looking to be worshipped!

right now they are worshipping:


  • very scared // very shy
  • very loyal
  • has big black eyes and little sharp teeth
  • could also appear as mouse // maybe??
  • wants to be eaten alive


arden is a part of a core, together with odell.

arden is loud and bigger. they are somekind of hunanoid hound, and are always hungry // starving. they eat insects and rotten meat, wich awefully disgusts them but they can't help it. like i said they are a very loud, so loud that if they howl, they can make buildings collapse. arden has a short grey fur and big turquois eyes, they are very pridefull and vain. they love to wear golden jewelry and always wear alot of rings. even though arden is pridefull they're also loyal.

worship,, Edit

arden does not wish to be worshipped, they are the one that are supposed to worship

>>>arden is more picky as to what kind of deities // gods // creatures // prophets // ,,, they choose to worship, but also open for suggestions!

right now they are worshipping:

trivia,, Edit

  • doesn't like humans
  • doesn’t really like odell but protects them
  • can also apear as a giant flock of birds?? // maybe??
  • wansts to see everything and everyone burning