Basic Edit

Perderius is an unholy being of destruction and death, he is currently in a human vessel, but it is unclear why. Many things are unclear about him, including his true purpose on earth and why the vessel he has was chosen. It is speculated that he was placed on earth as a punishment. It is unclear if he is some kind of fallen god, who rebelled against his higher power and was placed on earth.

He is a very proud god, who expects great respect and sacrifice. He knows that he is trapped in a human vessel, but still expects constant respect and glory.

Appearance Edit

He can be either the size of a tall human, or he can be hundreds of stories tall normally. He is a shapeshifter, so he can take any form he pleases (Had he not been trapped in a human vessel) and uses it to his advantages to wreak havoc on mortal beings. His favorite forms are his two normal ones, a dark wolf, a human, and a raven.

In his true form, he has hundreds of eyes, a dark grey skin, and eight mouths. He keeps seven of them shut, for if they all spoke at once, worlds would be completely obliterated, and galaxies would die out. He hes a single eye in the center of his chest that is omniscient. He also has black hair that is messy and unkept.

Offerings/Sacrifice Edit

Out of all offerings, he enjoys raw meat and flesh most of all. He likes it even more if they are fresh and messy, just as they were when they died. Animal skulls and bones are his second favorite, along with fresh blood. Lastly, he will accept jewelry and fruit/wine. Subpar offerings will end in punishment for the offerer. Sacrifice will be done with a knife pre-doused in blood, and placed on an alter that was made specially for him, this is not negotiable.

Associated with: Edit

  • Eyes
  • Wolves
  • Ravens
  • Fog
  • Ruins