unknown Edit

Unknown is a god of the forgotten, be it memories, items or the dead. He is currently regaining power by inhabiting a human vessel.

appearance Edit

His face is blurred and almost impossible to get a good look at, his visible skin is near black. Unknown had long black hair, usually covering his face, and is thin to the point of looking unhealthy. He wears a heavy black robe that seems to consume him, and is constantly fishing small trinkets out of the pockets to fiddle with. He wears a multitude of necklaces covered in small bones that seem to disappear and reappear constantly on the string. he occasionally appears in a sludge-like recreation of this form.

associated with Edit

  • black crows
  • opossums
  • roadkill in general
  • ruins
  • fog/mist
  • tar/sludge

offerings Edit

  • roadkill/bones
  • small easily forgotten items
  • bits of bread and water/wine
  • black/dark sludge

attitude towards humans Edit

He likes them, as they are the reason for his creation. He commonly refers to them as 'forgetful little children'.