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veles is the Slavic God of autumn, western lands, underworld, earth, waters, fertility, cattle, pasture, snakes, wolves, medicine, music, and magic. Veles is usually benevolent, but has a rather vicious side that is reserved


for oath breakers and wrong doers. It is described as a young man with ram horns and a long beard, however it can take any form it chooses.


It is commonly  associated with dragons, cattle, magic, musicians, wealth and trickery. Altars devoted to him are low to the ground to symbolize the underworld and in major places of commerce. Veles is also one of few Slavic gods for which evidence of offerings can be found in all Slavic nations. Its domain consists of the roots of the World Tree (Earth.) And the underworld. 


Veles was worshiped as two aspects. As Veles he is god of death and the underworld, god of music, and a sorcerer. As Volos he is god of cattle wealth and commerce. Festivals in honour of him were held near the end of the year, in the Autumn


This sigil is used to channel the spirit of Autumn and used in alters to alert Veles of your worship. The two branching offs of the upside down triangle symbolize the Ox-like horns of the God. It is best to make this symbol out of red paint made from holly berries

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