Zey is an ancient god of the wilderness. As a wilderness god, it is quite capricious, at times acting the roles of both predator and prey. While humans are not considered creatures of the wild, it enjoys their worship nonetheless. It craves a savage kind of order.

Appearance Edit

Zey has three forms: Predator, Prey and Savage, which is a mix of the two.

Savage Edit

Its savage form is its main form. It has six arms, a hunched body, hooves and furry legs, with a bird-skull head. It has large goat horns and scaly violet skin. It has no eyes or ears. One pair of arms is connected to batlike wings, but the others end in long-fingered, clawed hands. Its fur is white with lavender patterns. It wears a crown made of lavender and wild flowers.

Predator Edit

The predator form is of a bipedal creature with two arms. It has paws and retractable claws for 'feet', and taloned hands. It stands upright. Its head is a wolf head with seven eyes. It has violet feathers covering the majority of its body. It wears a crown made of thorns.

Prey Edit

The prey form is bipedal, with four arms, furry legs and hooves. It has small horns, with a rat's eyeless head. It does not stand upright. It has violet scaly skin on its top half, and a rat's tail. It wears a vine-based noose and has a hunched body, much like the savage form.

Offerings Edit

Examples of good offerings are as follows:

  • Lavender
  • Feathers
  • Skulls or bones from animals that have died naturally. Roadkill is counted.
  • Rose thorns
  • Antlers or horns
  • Wild flowers
  • Seeds
  • Animal teeth

Examples of bad offerings are as follows:

  • Wilted flowers
  • Parts of animals that were purposefully killed, except in the case of a hunter (say a housecat) killing it out of instinct or an animal killed for food.
  • Wilted flowers
  • Roses
  • Blood, meat or skin

Before laying out an offering for something or as thanks, either speak your thanks or wear the sigil for what you want.

Powers Edit

Zey has many powers that help its dominion over nature, including

  • A form of foresight or future vision
  • A sort of mild mind control, more a freeing of the mind
  • Strength
  • Shapeshifting between its three forms, and, in the predator form, the ability to call the Wild Hunt and manipulate predators/ free domesticated predators

How to worship Edit

At an altar in your own home, or at a virtual shrine, here